“When I first started studying with Matt, I struggled to perform at the level I wanted to largely because my technique wasn’t quite where it needed to be. With his close attention to detail, technical expertise, positive reinforcement, and his dedication to making great music, I’ve made my most significant strides. It is because of his help that I’ve come much closer to conveying the ideal sounds from my head in my performances."

-Jai D, Former Student

"My son has been working with Matt for about a year and we have seen him grow as a musician by leaps and bounds. In this day and age, when there are many ways to learn, Matt serves as a prime example of how nothing can truly replace the hands-on personal learning experience with a talented professional. The music teachers at school are amazing, but they can only take a student so far within the group. Matt takes his students to the next level and beyond with individualized attention and his fun, approachable, easy-going teaching style. Matt has a knack for connecting with the kids in their frame of mind and uses analogies that relate to their interests. His critiques are interactive and relatable - he does not just spew words. He engages my son, asks for his thoughts and feedback and gets him to tune into how the music is almost asking to be played. We all (student and home audience) have enjoyed the journey and look forward to continued growth with Matt's teaching."

Susan R, Parent of Student

"I have been studying privately with Matt Burri for over a year now, and my playing has improved dramatically since I began. Matt takes a modern approach to his instruction, emphasizing important structures such as phrasing and feel on top of the traditional note and rhythm approach. Matt always has a way to explain things in a way that I understand and offers new ways to look at pieces that enhances my playing to the next level. "

-Chris P, Student

"My daughter has taken private lessons with Matt Burri for two years. Not only is Matt a very skilled musician, he connects well with my teen with his positive & reassuring attitude. My daughter has progressed rapidly on her instrument under Matt’s tutorial and enjoys her lessons."

-Sue S, Parent of Student

"Matt has been our Bass private lesson teacher for our son for over a year. We definitely noticed an improvement in our son’s playing and he has benefited from Matt’s teaching style. Matt has patience and continuously tries to relate his lessons to the students interests so that they can understand his instructions easily."

-Nathalie J, Parent of Student