As an educator with over a decade of experience, Matt has taught students of all ages and ability levels. From group classes to private lessons, he has worked with elementary aged students as well as adults twice his age. He currently teaches online lesson from his home studio in Naperville, IL. Lessons take place through Zoom, Skype, or Google.

For students of all ages, George Vance's Progressive Repertoire method books have become somewhat of a golden standard. These materials are endorsed by some of the greatest in double bass education because of their simplicity and effectiveness. To supplement, simple and familiar tunes are taught in multiple configurations to develop a stronger connection between the ear and the instrument. Once a strong foundation has been established, standard repertoire from the solo and orchestral literature is added prescriptively based on the student's individual wants and needs.

Matt believes in the steady and gradual acquisition of skills to ensure effort is always met with achievement. Maintaining the highest standards while setting attainable goals allows students to develop confidence. Focusing on the learning process gives each student the opportunity to find success.

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